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Have a Blast in the Arcade!

The arcade offers a blend of the latest in video and redemption games combined with some of the all-time favorites. Enjoy the classics like Ice Ball, Hoop Fever, Deal or No Deal and air hockey, Have a little "friendly" competition testing your skills against others on Speed of Light Nascar Racers and Pacman Battle Royal. Test your luck on the redemption games like Big Bass Wheel, Monster Drop, Tilt It, Big haul and Smokin Tokin and more. All games are 1-4 credits and we don't raise our pricing during peak times! You'll find something for everyone and a great clean friendly environment for hanging out and having fun with your friends and family.

Pick Your Playcard!

Arcade cards

Classic: Purchase the number of credits you wish. All games are 1-4 credits. These cards earn redemption tickets and can play quick coin and merchandise games like Wonder Wheel, craines, and Stacker. Purchase $20 worth of credits and get $5 worth of credits free.

Timed Play Cards: Maximize your play with "All you can playcards". These cards activate at the first swipe and allow you to play for 1 or 2 hours in the arcade. These card do no work on quick coin or merchandiser games. No redemption tickete are earned. A great value for those who want to play and don't care about the redemption prizes!

There is a $1 activation fee on each new card. You can recharge your cards for time play or credit so save your cards for your next visit to avoid activation fees.

Fun & Games in the Arcade


Activity Participation Policy

Lazer Kraze provides great fun activities including world class multi-level laser tag and Inflatables. These are physical activities and as such have inherent risk of injury. All participants play at their own risk. To participate on the inflatables, all participants must have a signed waiver. For participants under 18, the waiver must be signed by the PARENT or COURT APPOINTED LEGAL GUARDIAN. See the location site you are visiting for waiver instructions


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