Indoor Inflatables

The indoor Inflatables room provides a great combination of fun and physical activities. Five Great inflatables are all available for your inflatables bounce party or open bounce sessions. Inflatables include a jousting ring, inflatable Ninja obstacle course, a huge inflatable slide, a classic moon bounce, and a kooky combo climb and slide inflatable.

Inflatables Open Play Hours

New HoursWe'll let you know asap
All 5 inflatable available all sessions

Inflatables Bounce Pricing

Open Play$8 per person/session
Adults Free with childs purchase
Private Hour Bounce$300 on weekends
Special! $5 pass with purchase of a 2 mission laser tag pass

Call for other private play options and pricing! 740-540-7788

Waiver Policy

In order to participate in inflatables all participants must have a valid signed waiver.Click here for waiver

Players under age 18
A waiver must be completed by the child's PARENT or COURT APPOINTED LEGAL GUARDIAN - ONLY

Players 18 years and older
A waiver must be completed for each adult participant. A Driver's License or State ID is required for proof of age.

Height Requirements to Bounce

NEW! Players 36 inches or taller can play on the Bounce House

Players 40 inches or taller can play on the Bounce House, Ninja Course, Giant Inflatable Slide & Kooky Combo

Players 48 inches or taller can play on all the great inflatables including the jousting ring

Guests under 36 inches are welcome to play in the small play center in the center of the room. We do ask parents monitor the smaller children to ensure they do not climb on the inflatables.

Indoor Inflatables Bounce Parties

We have great open play and private Inflatable bounce party packages.

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Columbus's Indoor Inflatables
5 Great Pieces in the Bounce Room

kooky combo inflatable
Ninja Inflatable Course
giant inflatable slide
Jousting Inflatable
Bounce House Inflatable

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Bouncing on the Inflatables

Although jumping on the inflatables is super fun there is a possible risk of injury and you should only participate fully knowing and accepting this risk. We strongly encourage you to review the rules and policies below and if you have any questions at all call us before scheduling a visit or party. Have a blast and jump safely!

It is the participant's responsibility to:

Properly and accurately complete and provide the Lazer Kraze waiver.
Review all posted safety rules before jumping.
Follow all posted rules and all verbal instructions from referees.
Jump within their own physical and skill capabilities.

Bounce Rules

All participants must wear socks. We sell them $2 per pair when needed.
Min. Height is 36 inches for the bounce house and 40 inches for everything except the joust where players must be 48" tall
No sharp objects on clothing and no glasses may be worn.
Nothing in pockets (cell phones, keys, change etc.).
No casts, joint or limb braces allowed.
Participants must be in good physical condition. People with previous back, neck, ankle or knee injuries should not bounce.
Play to your physical & skill capabilities only.
No one under the influence of alcohol should participate.
Jousters must wear headgear.
On the slides, slide on your bottom feet first.
No flips.