During these crazy times, with respect to Covid although we are only open on weekends, parties can be scheduled any day of the week. All parties must be booked in advance.

Cyber Sport Parties:

Below are some great party packages to make booking your party easier. We can customize any party so please ask if you don't see exactly what you want. To book a party call a personal party planner or complete an online request and we will call you back

614-656-8216 -or- Click here

Waiver is required to play Cyber Sport.Click here to complete waiver Minimum height is 54 inches.

Cyber Sport Party Packages:

All Cyber Sport Parties Include:

Unlimited Fountain Drinks (for the paid guests in your party)
Private Party Room, approx. 45 minutes in the party room
Free T-shirt for Birthday "Kid"
Free Laser Tag Game Pass for Birthday Kid’s Next Visit

Cyber Sport Party - $319

30 min Cyber Sport session and $5 arcade card, up to 10 players

30 min Private Cyber Sport session.

10 players per game. Parties with more than 10 players will rotate players

Additional playing guests are $21 each

Waiver is required. Click here to complete waiver

Pizzas $14 each- when ordered 48 hours in advance.

Add 20 credit arcade cards for just $5 each

Combo Laser Tag & Cyber Sport Party - $319

1 Laser Tag Mission & 30 min. Cyber Sport session

Click here for details.

Reserving Spots of Players:

When booking your party you will be asked to reserve for the number of players you will have. We recommend you reserve the the number of players you invite. We will guarantee this many spots for your activities. We understand this number may change. If your number of players goes up please contact us immediately to determine if there is room for the additional players. If your number of players goes down you have up to 1 week before the party to lower your reserved spots. On the day of the party if your number of players drops below the number of reserved spots minus 2, you will still be charged for the reserved spots minus 2.

Cyber Sport

Cyber Sport is a highly competitive two-team game that accommodates up to ten players who compete 5 against 5. It's a combination of lacrosse and basketball on custom-designed Cyber Cars. Two teams of up to five players each pass around a ball using one-handed scoops. Goals are scored by shooting the ball through the opposing team's goal.

Add Even More Fun to Your Party

Glow Party Option

Room time in the Black lit glow room, multi-color LED drinking glass, glow fork, glow necklace and bracelet. Only $6.75 additional per guest and the guests take home all their glow-ware!

Customize your party with these options:

XL - 1 topping pizza (10 slices each)- $14 per pizza when ordered in advance. Topping include pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, onions, black olives, mushrooms and Jalapeños

Gluten free 9.5" - 1 topping Pizza - $10 per pizza. Crust base ingredients are cauliflower & brown rice. Toppings include pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, onions, black olives and mushrooms. Order in advance to guarantee availability.

Ice cream sprinkle cups - $1.50 each or $1.75 if less than 1 week notice; $2 if ordered on day of party

Individual Chip Bags - 75 cents each

Nachos $2.50 / Chicken Nuggets (6) $3 / Jumbo Soft Pretzels $3 / Mozzarella Stick(6) $3 Price per serving, must be ordered 3 days in advance to ensure availability

Arcade Play Cards - $5, $10 or any amount

Goodie Bags - You can come in to choose the prizes or we'll put them together for you. Standard is $3 each (= 200 tickets in prizes from our redemption center) or Deluxe is $5 each (= 350 tickets from our redemption center). We tie them up in birthday cellophane bags and ribbon just like you do at home. You pay only for the ones you use and you're not stuck with the extras! Available in Girl-only versions also.

Helium Balloons - $1 Standard / $3 Mylar

Glow Necklaces - $1 each

Glow Bracelets - 75 cents each

The Details You Need to Know

Parties can be booked anytime. Generally we recommend scheduling your party 2-3 weeks in advance.

Parties may be held any time we're open to the public. Call for more information on private facility options.

A $75 non-refundable booking fee is required to schedule a party

A credit of $75 is deducted from total charges on date of party to offset booking fee.

You may bring in a cake if you have a party room reserved. No outside food or drinks are permitted without advance arrangements with your reservation specialist. If there is something you're looking for that we don't offer including for guests with food allergies, please let us know what you're looking for.

Pricing includes paper goods, candles, lighters as needed.

Your room will be available at the time you have reserved. There is no need to arrive early and your room will most likely not be ready before your scheduled time.

Pricing is subject to change and does not include sales tax or gratuities.