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Customize your party with these options:

XL 1-topping pizza (10 slices each)- $13 per pizza when ordered in advance

Ice cream sprinkle cups - $1.50 each or $1.75 if less than 1 weeks notice; $2 if ordered on day of party

Individual Chip Bags 75 cents each

Nachos $2.50 / Chicken Nuggets $2.75 / Jumbo Soft Pretzels $3 - Price per serving, must be ordered 3 days in advance to insure availability

Arcade Play Cards - $5 or $10 or any amount

Goodie Bags - You can come in to choose the prizes or we'll put them together for you. Standard is $3 each (= 200 tickets in prizes from our redemption center) or Deluxe is $5 each (= 350 tickets from our redemption center). We tie them up in birthday cellophane bags and ribbon just like you do at home. You pay only for the ones you use and you're not stuck with the extras! Available in Girl-only versions also.

Helium Balloons $1 Standard / $3 Mylar

Glow Necklaces $1 each

Glow Bracelets 75 cents each

Time Freak Compete against the clock & your friends! $2 per person

The Krazy Arcade Party - $159

Time Freak tournament, 30 arcade credits and 200 tickets per person, up to 10 players

20 - 30 minute time freak tournament

30 credits for arcade play per player

200 redemption tickets per player

Additional playing guests are $12.50 each

Krazy Arcade Parties Include:

Unlimited Fountain Drinks (for the paid guests in your party)
Private Party Room, approx. 45 minutes in the party room
Party Coach- Assists in getting your party to their games and helps pour drinks and serve any food purchased.
Free T-shirt for Birthday "Kid"
Free Laser Tag Game Pass for Birthday Kid’s Next Visit

Glow Party Option

Room time in the Black lit glow room, chromadepth glasses (similar to 3-d cardboard glasses), multi-color LED drinking glass, glow fork, glow necklace and bracelet. Only $6.75 additional per guest and the guests take home all their glow-ware!

Add a laser Tag Mission

$6 per player with arcade party

The Details You Need to Know

All parties generally must be booked 1 week in advance of party date- we recommend 3 weeks in advance.

A $75 non-refundable booking fee is required to schedule a party

A credit of $75 is deducted from total charges on date of party to offset booking fee.

You may bring in a cake if you have a party room reserved. No other food (including no ice cream) or drinks may be brought in and a minimum $75 room charge will automatically be charged if any other food/drinks are brought in from outside.

Pricing includes paper goods, candles, lighters as needed.

Your room and party coach will be available at the time you have reserved. There is no need to arrive early and your room and party coach will most likely not be ready before your scheduled time.

Parties not confirmed by email less than 1 week prior to party date will not be assigned a party coach.

Unless you have selected a party package that includes private use, party activities are scheduled such that you might or might not be playing with other parties, families or walk-ins. Scheduling depends on availability.

Pricing is subject to change and does not include sales tax or gratuities.


Activity Participation Policy

Lazer Kraze provides great fun activities including world class multi-level laser tag and an Indoor trampoline park. These are physical activities and as such have inherent risk of injury. All participants play at their own risk. To participate on the indoor trampolines, all participants must have a signed waiver. For participants under 18, the waiver must be signed by the PARENT or COURT APPOINTED LEGAL GUARDIAN. See the location site you are visiting for waiver instructions


Material may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Lazer Kraze, Inc. Currently, Lazer Kraze franchises are only available in certain states. We do not offer any franchises in jurisdictions where we are not yet registered (or otherwise qualified) to make offers or sales. The information contained on our website is strictly for informational purposes and does not constitute an offer to buy a franchise.