The Ultimate Laser Tag

Imagine being equipped with a high-tech phaser and vest, entering into a futuristic outpost somewhere in the galaxy. Haze fills the air, faintly you hear mission control issuing commands over soft celestial sounds. Then suddenly a loud broadcast "Get ready ..." and pulsating music fills the arena, your phaser and vest activate and with a final broadcast "Get ready ... GO!" You are immersed in the most high-tech game on the planet!

Laser Tag
Indoor Trampoline park
Time Freak

The System

Lazer Kraze combines the latest technology and systems with professionally themed multi-level blacklight arenas, custom game formats, interactive gaming and arena sound systems, live briefings, detailed scorecards, real time scoreboard, an observation deck right in the laser tag arena, and hours of pro-active tech work all to ensure you have the ultimate laser tag experience.


Score bonus points during games by tagging the 60 targets spread throughout our laser tag arena! The targets randomly light up different colors for different point values starting at Red being worth 50 points all the way up to White which is worth 500 points! Tag the target when it is lit up to earn the bonus points.


Gain control of one of the four mines in the arena by tagging them while their lights are green. Once you have control, it will detonate every few minutes and deactivate the players surrounding it! Your vest will be awarded all the points from the detonation.

Laser Tag Pricing

Missions Purchased 1 2 3
Group of 11+$7$14$19
Group of 21+$6$12$18

Pricing is per person per day.

To receive group pricing, payment must be made for whole group in one transaction.

A Laser Tag Mission

A laser tag mission is like being transported into a video game. Equipped with high tech laser tag vests participants compete for the highest individual and/or team score. Points are scored by tagging opposing plays, bases, and interacting with all the special devices in the arena to maximize your scoring potential.

Laser tag missions are typically run every 20 mins. Each game is 12 mins. long but the whole experience takes about 20 minutes including the mission briefing and time to suit up for you mission.

The Vest

the vest

The Lazer Kraze vests combine the latest wireless technology, LED lights, a cool alien-green laser with the greatest playability for all ages being the lightest vests available.

Power Ups

Power Ups

Increase the intensity with the ultimate in Power Ups. Power ups are special powers activated in a player's vests for short periods of time during the laser tag mission. Power Ups are randomly assigned by the system during each mission.

"It really IS the Ultimate Laser Tag"

4 Team Mission

Amp up the intensity during an all you can play session with 4 team missions. Yes, every team has its own base to defend. Lazer Kraze has the only 4 base arena in the area.

Green Lasers /
Automated Arena Haze

The brightest green lasers in the industry combined with automated arena haze maximize the laser visibility. Maximize your score with pin point accuracy.

Power Ups

Which power up will you use to dominate the game? Invincibility, shields, stealth mode, and rapid fire are all available and are assigned randomly by the system during each standard team game. Relay bouncer and retaliation are available in advanced mission formats

Custom Game Formats

The parameter driven system enables an endless number of game variations. We have been developing the ultimate combinations of variables for the past 10 years to create the ultimate laser tag.

Winner Recognition

You dominated and now it's time to exercise those bragging rights. Winner recognition is the ticket. The vest of the top scoring player lights up sparkling white at the end of each mission. Everyone will know who is the Lazer Master as you head to the vesting room.

Interactive Arena Announcements

You always know how your team is doing with live game announcements in the arena while the mission is in play.

Game Station

Energize a power-up in your vest at the game stations hidden in the arena. Beware, other players know how to get power-up also or might guard the game station from you.

Birthday Song

Celebrating your birthday? Tell our marshal and your vest will play happy birthday to you at the beginning of the mission.