Indoor Trampoline Park

The Indoor Trampoline Park provides a great combination of fun and physical activities. Your whole group will be jumping off the walls!

Indoor Trampoline park

Jumping in the Trampoline Park

The indoor trampoline park has been designed with fun and safety in mind. We have many safety rules and absolutely no exceptions will be made to any rules or policies. Jumping on any trampoline presents the possibility of injury and you should only jump fully knowing and accepting this risk. We strongly encourage you to review the rules and policies below and if you have any questions at all call us before scheduling a visit or party. Have a blast and jump safely!

It is the participant's responsibility to:

Properly and accurately complete and provide the Lazer Kraze waiver.
Review all posted safety rules before jumping.
Attend and participate in the safety briefing before jumping.
Follow all posted rules and all verbal instructions from referees.
Jump within their own physical and skill capabilities.
Only jump if you meet all requirements to jump.
Do not land on your head or neck.

Jump Rules

Min. Age is 4.
Maximum weight 250 lbs. Jumping on a trampoline significantly increases the force on your joints.
No casts or joint or limb braces allowed.
Jumpers must be in good physical condition. People with previous back, neck, ankle or knee injuries should not jump.
Jump to your physical & skill capabilities only.
No one under the influence of alcohol should jump.
Expectant Mothers should not jump.
Always land on two feet.
No sitting or laying down on jumper.
No double bouncing (bouncing someone higher).
No sharp objects on clothing.
Nothing in pockets (cell phones, keys, change etc.).
No Running or horseplay on trampolines.
No popcorn bouncing (bouncing someone in a ball).
Jump off walls only as instructed. No other tricks or flips off the wall.
Single flips only. / No flipping over pads. No Handsprings.
No food or drinks on jumper.
All jumpers must wear Lazer Kraze jump socks.

Trampoline Park Hours

The Trampoline Park is open any time Lazer Kraze is open. The last session begins one hour before closing time. We always recommend reservations as space is limited. To reserve, call us at 859-371-5729 and reserve over the phone with a Visa, MC or Discover.

Trampoline Park Pricing

$9.50 - 30 minute jump session
$14 - 60 minute jump session

**Bring your clean, gently used Lazer Kraze Jump Socks in to use again for $1 off your 30 or 60 min jump session.

Private Sessions

$210 -60 minute private jump session during open hours for up to 15 jumpers

Call for details on larger groups.

Each jump session begins with a short safety briefing.

Waiver Policy

In order to jump on the indoor trampoline park all participants must have a valid signed waiver.Click here for waiver

Jumpers under age 18
A waiver must be completed by the child's PARENT or COURT APPOINTED LEGAL GUARDIAN ONLY

Jumpers age 18 and older
A waiver must be completed for each adult participant. A Driver's License or State ID is required for proof of age.

Air Dodgeball


The most extreme dodgeball game ever! Compete with your friends in Air Dodgeball on the trampoline arena. Players must throw the ball while in the air to get another player out. Air Dodgeball is played during open jump times with referee approval. Call ahead to schedule you own private dodgeball tournament. It's a Blast!

What To Wear?

Jumping on the indoor trampoline is an athletic activity. Shorts, t-shirts, sweat pants are great for jumping. All jumpers are required to wear jump socks that we provide. No belts, body jewelry or sharp objects of any kind are allowed on the trampoline; please leave these items at home or in your car.

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Activity Participation Policy

Lazer Kraze provides great fun activities including world class multi-level laser tag and an Indoor trampoline park. These are physical activities and as such have inherent risk of injury. All participants play at their own risk. To participate on the indoor trampolines, all participants must have a signed waiver. For participants under 18, the waiver must be signed by the PARENT or COURT APPOINTED LEGAL GUARDIAN. See the location site you are visiting for waiver instructions


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