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Lazer Kraze ToGO!

Mobile laser tag - great for backyard parties, graduation parties, youth group events and teambuilding!
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Lazer Kraze ToGO!

Combine the Backyard Party with High-tech Laser Tag

Bring the excitement of laser tag to your backyard party or group event. Our laser tag markers are great for church lock-ins, school carnivals, activity nights, after-proms and backyard parties. The laser tag markers are small, for easy handling, and the system allows for up to 21 players per game and displays player stats.

Group Event - We Come To You!

Avoid the transportation headaches. We can bring the event to your gym or multi-purpose room. We need a minimum area of 50ft x 70 ft to set up a bunker field and you can combine 9 of our inflatable bunkers with up to 21 laser tag markers for the ultimate group setup. With 8 min. games and 21 markers you can get up to 130+ players through in 1 hour. Game times and formats may be customized for your event to meet your group's needs. We bring all the gear, setup and provide staff to facilitate the games. An electrical outlet is required for inflating bunkers.

Paintball without the Pain

Love the thrill of paintball but not so thrilled about the pain, mess and use of compressed air? Our laser tag markers provide the same feel and thrill of paintball without the pain and risk. We can configure game formats just like paintball ... 1 and out.



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$250 per hourIncludes laser tag equipment and staff to run the games.
$1505 Inflatable bunkers. Great for backyard parties
$2759 inflatable bunker field. Great for gyms, school carnivals etc.

Mileage and travel fees may apply. Electrical outlet required for inflating bunkers.

How Does It Work?

Since our portable laser tag gear is designed primarily for outdoor use, lasers are not used. However, the same IR technology used by the laser tag vests in the stores is also used for tagging by the portable gear. You know a player is tagged when the red IR hopper on the markers light up and the tag acknowledgement sound is played on your marker. And of course, you can always tell by the expression of the player's face you just tagged.

Mileage and travel fees may apply. Electrical outlet required for inflating bunkers.

Need a Play Field?

We can bring our inflatable bunkers to you for a professional battle field. Pricing starts at $100 for 5 bunkers which is great for small backyard parties and $250 for an 9 bunker field for group events outside or in a gym. An electrical outlet is required within 100 feet of the play field.


Activity Participation Policy

Lazer Kraze provides great fun activities including our mobile laser tag. All participants play at their own risk.


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